What is CEIL® at FUS?

CEIL at Ferndown Upper School exists to bridge the gap between education and employment, preparing you for the working environment by developing modern day professional skills and attitudes as part of your 6th form experience. It also aims to help you with your transition from a highly regulated way of living “by the bell and prescription” to one of independence, self-evaluation and initiative. It takes time to change …

Our Mission

To inspire students to make the pursuit of excellence a personal quest as part of a journey that unlocks dormant talent and creates an entrepreneurial personal culture.

A Student View

“Bridging the gap between the world of education and that of the business world is not an easy task, but the Centre of Excellence does this effortlessly; it allows us, as interns, to learn the basics of how to answer a call, compose an email, or even communicate in a conference, alongside teaching us skills which are required within our schools – such as how to write essays. On a more personal note, I am a very shy person and I’ve always been a bit like this, I would refuse to stand up and talk in front of a class of my peers, I couldn’t even put my hand up during lessons. I’m also one of those people who never likes to put myself out of my comfort zone, which allows me to maintain a very reserved personality. Having said this, the Centre of Excellence has given me opportunities to face my fears, it has taught me that adaptability is a key part of team work and that sometimes you have to adapt yourself to a certain situation and pick up the work that others have left behind. But, it has also shown me that leaving your comfort zone pushes you to do things that, for some people, are out of the ordinary. It’s shown me that I can stand up in front of a room of people without being too nervous. But most of all, it’s shown me that anything is possible as long as you have the support of people around you, and I definitely have that here.” 

Megan Spicer – Y13.

A Business View

“Ultra Electronics NCS fully recognises the need for developing young talent to support the next generation and future business needs. The CEIL project helps to do this in a very practical sense, partnering local employers with students to inspire and equip them with key employability skills for the future, delivering a programme of real value.”

Sue Racster – Ultra Electronics

The CEIL Space

The CEIL space is set up as a working office space where students can practice work placed skills such as holding meetings, conducting research, making telephone calls and presenting projects. Businesses are encouraged to come in and work with the students on various tasks and projects so that the students gain invaluable experiences of real work situations.